Domanico Custom Homes will deliver a completely zero‐energy home for the 2010 International Builders Show. Dubbed “The New American Home”, this home will host approximately 120,000 builders throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally. During construction the home will be available for scheduled tours. In addition a series of seminars regarding energy‐saving technologies will be conducted onsite and at the offices of Domanico Custom Homes.

The New American Home will be designed, built, and adhere to the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) guidelines
for green home building. The home will focus on resource, energy, and water efficiencies including indoor environmental quality.

Some of the technologies that will be implemented include: solar photovoltaic cells, radiant heat systems, water conserving systems, energy recovery ventilation, energy conserving lighting, efficient appliances and windows, sustainable resource materials, and
much more.

The goal of Domanico Custom Homes and The New American Home is to design and build a completely “zero‐energy” home that will also utilize sustainable products and materials and stand as a model of “green” building principles and concepts for the Las Vegas area.

At Domanico Custom Homes, we are designing and building homes that take advantage of sustainable products and materials. We are members of the US Green Building Council and recently became the first Certified Green Builder in the state of Nevada, a designation received from the National Association of Home Builders.

If you would like to learn more about Domanico Custom Homes and our green building initiatives, please contact Adam Knecht at or call (702) 241-8585.